Emmy is a sweet, smart little girl with a great need to please. She does great in the field and is always ready to work. Emmy comes from our own very sweet Jenny. Jenny has proven herself in the field and also one of the sweetest girls we have had. We are happy to have Emmy in our breeding program!

Espirit's Out of the Woods***
 FC AFC Espirit's Power Play
   FC ACF Scan's In The Nick of Time
 FC-AFC KPR's Wet Willie 
  FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford
  FC AFC Tesanna Yellow Gold MH
  Roaring Texas Brooke SH
Field of Dreams Will I EM
Emmy -YellowFC AFC Hilltop's Hayseed
 FC CFC CAFC Tayloslab Magic Trick MH CD
   Cedar River Sage
 Field of Dreams Magic Jenny QAA
 FC AFC Fox Hollows Little Buddy
 Field of Dreams Blaze of Sun QAA
 Wrobel's Today I'm Josie MH


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